Blog Feature Guide

Please send your submissions to the below email for inclusion.

Your Guide to Writing a Feature for Ninety2 Automotive

Congratulations on your photoshoot or series of photos with Ninety2 Automotive!
As part of your photoshoot bundle, we would love to feature you on our blog, and in our next edition of ARCHIVE Magazine. To assist you in crafting your feature, we have provided a helpful guide below.

These suggestions are merely a starting point, and you are welcome to include as much or as little as you prefer. Feel free to add additional details beyond our suggestions too!

Please aim for a word count of approximately 400-500 words for your submission.

Rest assured, we will include the photos from your shoot and share the feature across our social media platforms. If you have any personal favorites from the shoot, please let us know, and we will happily incorporate them.

Additionally, we occasionally submit photos to online magazines for potential features. While the final decision rests with the editors, we can always inquire on your behalf! If you prefer not to have your photos submitted, kindly inform us, and we will respect your wishes.

Thank you for being a part of the Ninety2 Automotive community. We can’t wait to showcase your amazing photos and stories on our blog!

About You

  • Tell us a bit about yourself! Please include your name, general location, and feel free to share your age if you’re comfortable doing so.
  • How do you fund your vehicle? We’d love to hear about the work or activities that enable you to support your automotive passion.
  • What or who sparked your interest in the automotive world? Share the story of what ignited your passion for cars and vehicles.
  • If you could have any dream vehicle, what would it be? Don’t hold back on the details—tell us why this particular vehicle captures your imagination.
  • Lastly, if you have an Instagram account dedicated to your vehicle, we’d love to include a link to it. Please note that we prefer personal accounts rather than business accounts for this purpose.
  • We can’t wait to learn more about you and your automotive journey!

The Story of Your Vehicle

Let’s dive into the captivating history of your vehicle!

  • Does your vehicle have a special name or a unique story behind its name? We’d love to hear the inspiration behind it.
  • What drew you to this specific vehicle? Share any interesting anecdotes about how you acquired it. Was it love at first sight or a serendipitous encounter?
  • Tell us about the motivations that led you to buy or build this car. What features, characteristics, or experiences made it a must-have for you?
  • Now that you own this remarkable vehicle, how does it make you feel? Describe the exhilaration, pride, or any unforgettable moments you’ve had with it.

Vehicle Specs

  • Engine: Tell us about the heart of your vehicle. What kind of engine powers it, and what modifications or enhancements have you made to unleash its full potential?
  • Exterior: Share details of your vehicle’s exterior; from the paint color to any body modifications or unique features, let us know how you’ve personalized its appearance.
  • Interior: Step inside – Describe the comfort, style, and any modifications you’ve made to create a personalized driving experience.
  • Wheels: Wheels can make a statement. Tell us about the eye-catching wheels you have for your vehicle. Share the size, brand, and any special touches that set them apart.
  • Suspension: The suspension plays a crucial role in the driving experience. Let us in on the suspension modifications or upgrades you’ve made (if any) to enhance the handling and performance of your car.
  • Who Does the Work: Do you take charge of maintenance and upgrades yourself, or do you have a trusted team or mechanic who helps bring your vision to life? Share who takes care of the work on your vehicle.
  • What’s Next: Are there any exciting plans or future upgrades or work in store for your car? Let us know what you have in mind and how you envision taking your vehicle to the next level.

Special Mentions

We believe in celebrating the connections and relationships that make the automotive world so vibrant. Feel free to mention any groups, clubs, or individuals who have had a positive influence on your automotive journey.

Are you part of any automotive groups or clubs that have played a significant role in your journey? Give them a shoutout and let us know how being a member of these communities has enriched your passion for cars.

Are there any individuals who have been instrumental in your automotive adventures? Whether it’s a mentor, a supportive friend, or someone who has inspired you along the way, feel free to mention and acknowledge their impact on your journey.

Is there anyone you’d like to thank or express gratitude towards for their support, guidance, or contributions to your vehicle? This is your opportunity to give recognition and appreciation to those who have been there for you.