Edition 38 Show and Shine 2018

When We Think of Edition 38 2018

When we think of Edition 38 2018, we remember all the fantastic cars on show – we remember watching all the videos from the night before – as funny (or dangerous as they may have been), we remember three particualar cars… You can see and grab yourself prints of your car on our online gallery of Edition 38 2018.

Edition 38 MK4 Golf and MK2 Golf

We have fondess in our hearts for all of the hard work each and every owner has put into their cars, and making them the best they can be for Edition 38 2018.

We are impressed that enthusiasts from all across Europe could join us in appreciating each others cars.

As an automotive community, we try to attend all the events we can, and we made it to Edition 38 2018. Check out our gallery from the show here.

Edition 38 Show Stoppers

Yeknom – The “Golden Vagina” Race Car

We have always kept our eye out to see what _yeknom_ is up to with his latest build, and this year we were so excited to see the latest creation, dubbed “Golden Vagina”.

edition 38 vw polo 6n2 yeknom.png

Another attempt to grace the Edition 38 2018 stage was definitely not to be missed. We imagine getting up on stage for the second year in a row was a heartwarming moment for _yeknom_. Well done!

edition 38 vw polo 6n2 show and shine yeknom.png

_yeknom_ builds race cars for a living, and this is a great homage to his hard work and dedication over the last few months since losing his previous Polo 9n3 (which we also loved).

edition 38 vw polo 6n2 yeknom interior race car.png

This Polo, seemingly a spoof of race cars and the ‘scene’ scene, was a show stopper in our eyes, and we’d love to see this car again!

edition 38 vw polo 6n2 yeknom race spoiler race stickers sponsorship.png

edition 38 vw polo 6n2 yeknom race spoiler race stickers sponsorship door sill.png

edition 38 vw polo 6n2 yeknom race roll bar.png

The Best MK2 Golf

We love Chris Keeton’s MK2 Golf, also known as b1ncckeeton on Instagram. We are always in awe of the time it must have taken to restore and upgrade his car to this level.

Edition 38 VW Golf MK2.png

We often wonder how to chrome an engine bay, and this chrome engine is just stunning. It is always stunning.

Edition 38 Vw Golf MK2 Chrome Engine.png

Then you get closer, and have a look at the interior. Beautfully upholstered Recaro bucket seats, and a dashboard that we’d love to look at every day. We can’t wait to see this one again!

Edition 38 vw golf mk2 interior.png

It really is no wonder this was one of our show stoppers with the attention to detaill found on this beautiful MK2 Golf (cause let’s face it, we are Golf-mad). These Porsche door handles were the perfect touch!

edition 38 vw golf mk2 red porsche door handles.png

Chris’ MK2 Golf then went on to win best MK2 Golf in Edition 38’s show and shine, which we think was well deserved!

Edition 38 Vw Golf MK2 show and shine winner.png

We LOVE MK4 Golfs, quite a lot, we happened to come across a feature in Performance VW of this car when we stopped at a local-ish supermarket, and we fell in love with this car immediately.

Little did we know that it would be appearing at Edition 38 2018...  What we didn’t realise from the magazine, is just how much we would fall for this car.

Paintwork like this, with the purple twinkle where the sun hits it, is just perfect, a subtle, but so effective paint job – definitely reserved for the magazines!

edition 38 vw golf mk4 purple y3rvs.png It was even more stunning in person… all that purple! We are mad for any VW Golf and this is no exception. The paint, perfect, the interior, also perfect. The interior is perfectly upholstered in a beautiful purple colour, and is just so stylish, with modern stereo, steering wheel, and even down to the pedals.

edition 38 vw golf mk4 purple y3rvs interior front.png

The attention to detail is second-to-none. We are so impressed by the quality of this build.

Even down to the purple VW pillow in the back of this… we want!

edition 38 vw golf mk4 purple y3rvs interior rear.png

Some Honorable Mentions…

We didn’t just love these three, we loved more than just these. You can see our full collection of images from Edition 38 2018 hereyou are able to buy prints for every Edition 38 2018 image you see here, and more on our gallery website. We hope you enjoy the memories they bring!

edition 38 vw polo cup 18t red.png

edition 38 vw golf mk6 exterior mods.png

edition 38 vw golfs exterior mods.png

edition 38 classic audi exterior mods

edition 38 vw passat champagne limo.png

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