Wheels on Wednesday

Wheels on Wednesday – 5th June 2019

We always pick a handful of vehicles to display in our write ups, but you can see the rest in our photo album by clicking here.

Last night, we attended Wheels on Wednesday for the first time. We noticed the meet driving home one night, but weren’t able to turn around and attend, we really wish we had now!

We LOVED this meet! (and we really cannot say it enough!). It is the most welcoming event, and most inclusive!

The diversity of vehicles was impressive – all varieties of on show, from timeless vintage and antiques, classic, modern, modified, and supercars, all the way to motorcycles too!

We had a great time meeting like-minded people, and chatting about your vehicles, and your plans for them!

We will definitely be back next time!

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Author: Ninety2 Automotive

We are an automotive and motorsport photography team based in Gloucestershire. We enjoy attending shows, static or not, and love seeing and photographing your cars. We are always impressed by the creativity of the automotive world, and your ideas inspire us to find new ways of capturing them on camera. We too are fellow enthusiasts and our team is built of likeminded individuals who all have one goal in mind, to make every shoot one to remember, for you, and us, creating the best photographs and matching that vision as best as possible. We are building an engaging online presence with relevant content to the automotive world, whether that's classic, modified, modern, supercar, racing, drifting… the list is endless! If you have any projects in mind, we hope Ninety2 Automotive is the first to spring to mind, please do get in contact with us! Contact Ninety2 Automotive On a side note – and an important one! We love to share our work with you and trust you will treat it as you do your cherished vehicle. Please feel free to ask if you would like to use our snaps, or if you would like any prints.

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