Say a big “Hello” to Ricky & his Astra 2.2 SRI following their recent photoshoots with Ninety2 Automotive.

About you

My names Ricky. I’m 36 years old. To fund my ride I work as a Machine Operator making parts for lorries. Max Power got me into the automotive world. I used to attend Max Power Live every year at Birmingham NEC.

About the Car

My car is a Mk4 Astra G. It is a 2.2 SRI. They are becoming quite rare now.

When I first brought my car I paid £550. This is my 14th car in 16 years and I have owned it nearly 4 years now! First thing that caught my eye was the number plate! Also the fact the exhaust was loud! Turns out the exhaust had been broken for a year!


The Astra came with the Prodrive kit as standard. Since owning the car I have added air filter, audio system, changed the wheels to 17″ SRI wheels, cat back hornet exhaust, tinted rear windows, wiper delete, LED Flow strips for indicators, LED chasers underneath (need replacing) flow side indicators, devil eye headlights, Lexus style tail lights, Astra replica duck tail spoiler, and of course the Hexis gloss black rainbow sparkle wrap.

Next Plans with the Car?

Next plan is to have the door shuts wrapped black gloss, new audio system, possibly a engine swap then start on the interior.

Special Mentions

We are a part of Twisted Torque Automotive based in the south west of England. Can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

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