Will’s Triumph Herald 13/60

We recently completed the photoshoot for our competition winner – Will and his Herald 13/60. Will was 15 when he won the shoot – and spent his 16th birthday on location with us and his granddad.

Will clearly loves his cars, and especially has a mad obsession for Triumph’s, just as we do! What better first car to learn to drive in than this (when it’s time!). In the meantime, Will & his granddad are doing up this Herald together.

You can see the rest of the shoot images here: https://ninety2.biz/portfolio/triumph-herald/

You can read a little more about the car, Will & his Granddads car history here…

Hi my names Will, I am currently 16 years old and working on a project car with my granddad, I purchased my car using my savings and with help from my granddad gifting me parts.

I’ve been into cars ever since I was little, going to car shows in my granddad’s TR5 over the years really got me into the Triumph scene, and of course, the Herald being the best option for a first car, I bought one! I am yet to come up for a name for my car but always open to suggestions.

Triumph Herald 13/60 saloons are getting pretty rare now as people scrapped the saloons and kept the convertibles when they weren’t of any value so you won’t see too many about!

I actually first met the car when my granddad bought it about 2 years ago, it had been through multiple owners and one owner was a local from Gloucester, I believe. They had it sat in their driveway for at least a couple of years and my granddad used to drive past it so when it came up on eBay he remembered the registration.

After my granddad bought the car it sat outside for a couple of months before he started to get it roadworthy. I then got interested in buying a Herald, so I asked if I could help work on it for a couple of weeks and eventually we both got it started and got it all mechanically fixed.

It then got sold to another locals son that my granddad knew from various shows and club meetings. A year or so later, he came to sell it again so I decided to buy it!

Now I’ve had the car for about a year and I have many plans for it in the future. For now, we are working on sorting the corrosion issues…

Thanks for reading!

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