Jony’s Toyota Celica GT Four

A quick ‘Lonely Hearts’ AKA ‘Lonely Photographer’ column in a Facebook post in a local classic/retro group from us. We were looking for a vehicle to test some camera settings and learn something new. This lead to a messsage from Jony to help us out! We arranged to meet in Cheltenham and spent a short while trying to figure the settings out.

Meet Jony & Snow

I’m Jony, and this is my 1998 Toyota Celica GT Four who is imaginatively named Snow. The car was imported by JM Imports in March 2017 and it has never missed a beat since.

I work in IT so thrashing this car around some quiet country lanes is the best therapy on the weekend.

I’ve always loved cars, loved Morgans when I was growing up and would love to own a Plus 8 one day! I bought the Celica because they are great value for money, Toyota reliability, and you just don’t see many of them around.

Vehicle Spec & Modifications

Snow has a few modifications, but nothing too crazy. The Varis front bumper was fitted to the car when it was imported, as well as the TRD rear spats, and OEM side skirts.

I’ve since put it on some Advan AVS Model 6 wheels, and I just had to have red bucket seats, so the Cobra Daytona’s fitted the bill perfectly.

Performance wise I have to thank the guys at Fensport, they set me up on an ECUMaster EMU black, complimented by a set of Bosch 970cc injectors, adjustable FPR, Blitz BOV, and Blitz Super SUS induction system. All in all, this puts the car up from about 25bhp stock, to now run around 300hp.

Future Plans

There isn’t much left for me to do with the car. The paint work is a little tired and some of the exterior seals have seen better days. Maybe one day, but my priorities have always been about how it drives, over how it looks!

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