Dizzy Cap Car Show

Hi I’m Anton, the one behind the Dizzy Cap Car Show! The YouTube channel has been running since March 2021, having been through a few slight changes, I’m now on a really positive path with clear vision to share my passion for classic cars, and to help other people share their stories of classic car ownership! 

I hunt the South West for some real car enthusiasts to film feature videos about their cars, and this spills over into shows during the summer; where I hunt the show grounds and meets for my favourite cars! All of this can be seen on my YouTube channel, as I film and edit pretty much anything I get up to when it comes to cars! 

My hobby car, and really where this all started, is a Mk3 Ford Capri that I call Kat, … the car of nine lives … and she now on life number 3, with life number 4 coming very soon as I start the engine transplant with an ST170 motor going in to give her a little more poke! 

I’ve really enjoyed meeting and working with Ninety2 Automotive over last summer, and look forward to continuing to share our passion for all things automotive! 😎👍 

Region: Gloucestershire

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Ford Capri 2.0L Laser

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Author: Ninety2 Automotive

Automotive and Motorsport photography based in and around Gloucestershire. We attend automotive shows and events, and love seeing and photographing your cars. We too are fellow enthusiasts and our team is built of likeminded individuals who all have one goal in mind, to make every shoot one to remember, for you, and us, creating the best photographs and matching that vision as best as possible.

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